Pediatric OT Services

Occupational Therapy in pediatrics deals with the implications that certain medical conditions have for classroom learning and the remediation and strategies required. They need to be closely interwoven with existing teaching approaches to help the student achieve his or her educational potential.

Schools, Community, inpatient hospital based child OT:

  • Often, children need OT services for the same reasons an adult needs OT services. However, OTs approaches intervention in a different way with children.
  • OT delivers approaches treatment through occupation and the occupations of a child are different from those of an adult, and include play, chores, self-care and schoolwork.

Common conditions that are specific to or more common in the pediatric population creating a need for OT services include:


  • Developmental disorders, sensory regulation or sensory processing deficits, fine motor developmental delays or deficits, autism , emotional and behavioral


In addition, children are seen for every injury, illness or chronic condition that may cause a person of any age to have performance deficits in their daily life and thus benefit from OT services.


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